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Computer Guy

Hi, my name is Dennis Edelbrock and I own Computer Guy in Hayden, Idaho. I have been building and repairing Personal Computers for over 32 years. Computers and their Operating Systems (OS) have changed a lot during those years.

When I started my journey in 1988, the only OS available was a Disk Operating System (DOS) purchased and massaged by Bill Gates and Paul Allen and sold to IBM under their company name of Microsoft, but that's another story (See History of the PC on this site). Actually Windows versions 1 and 2 were available but were basically playthings and were not meant for useful work, only for hobbyists. The typical system of that time had one 5-1/4" floppy disk and a 10 Megabyte hard drive, 8 bit processor and 256 kilobytes of Random Access Memory (RAM) with your choice of a black screen with amber alphanumeric characters or a black screen with green alphanumeric characters, no graphics and no mouse only input device was a keyboard. And the internet wasn't invented yet. Cost was about $4,000.00 in 1988 dollars. Today, the average PC has a multi-core 64 bit processor, 6 Gigabytes of RAM, a 1 Terabyte hard drive and Windows 10. The display is a 24 inch high definition color display. Input devices include keyboard, mouse, touch pad and/or touch screen. With internet connection the world is at your fingertips. Cost about $800.00. What a difference 32 years make.

With all these features PCs are still pretty robust. However, things do break and helpful friends/neighbors also add to need for some help with these marvelous devices. That is where Computer Guy comes to the rescue. There is no job to small that I won't do and no job on one computer that I can't handle either. I am here to help. If it is a quick question give me a call I should be able to talk you through small problems. If not bring me the computer and I will get you on the road as quick as I can. My prices are very reasonable and fair. I was the first one in this area to offer Senior Discounts and also Veteran discounts. There is never a surprise when you pickup your repaired computer. We always discuss the price BEFORE the work is done.

In the early days without the internet, the necessity for security software (Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware) was basically nil. However, the internet has changed everything. There are lots of bad guys out there just trying to take your money and make your life miserable.

There are many security products out there that claim they are the best at protecting your computer from the bad guys. Let me set the record straight there is NOT one product that can guarantee you or deliver total protection for your computer and data. Some have been around a long time with an easily recognizable name (that is because they spend a huge amount of money telling you that they're great) they are not. Some of the big names spend more on advertizing than on research. They are resting on their laurels. Instead of making their products better they just try and make their product name stand out in the uninformed mind. See my Internet Security section for some straight facts and recommendations.