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ROM (Read Only Memory) This type of memory is non-volatile (not power dependent), and its contents cannot be changed using normal methods i.e. written to like RAM. ROMs are used for any application that requires data to be stored permanently and/or without a constant supply of power. The BIOS in a PC is normally ROM based



An external device that has a lighted platen or table and sends a digital image of anything layed on it. Commonly used to send photographs to the computer for digital manipulation. Can also scan text from a book or magazine, and with proper software can recognize the image as words and letters so they can be used in a word processor


SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) is a standard for connecting multiple devices such as hard drives, CD-ROMS, floppy drives, etc, it enables the connection of more devices than its counterpart IDE and normally has faster data rates, but the drives tend to carry a bigger price tag. SCSI components are used mostly by servers and some Apple products


A server is a computer running software that allows it to control the sharing of resources between many computers. Servers are often dedicated to one task depending on what type of server software they are running, here is a summation of a few common server applications:
An HTTP server or web server is typically connected to the Internet with a high-speed connection and will respond to requests from computers running client software like a browser requiring a specific web page. This type of server is common to the Internet

 An FTP server is used to transfer files over a network WAN, LAN or the Internet using the FTP protocol

A mail server stores and transfers e-mail over a network (WAN, LAN or the Internet)

A chat server allows its users to transfer real time text between two or more computers

A database server allows its users to access its database via a network (WAN, LAN or the internet) and depending on permissions, read, delete or alter the contents of its database. This type of server is commonplace in an office environment
A proxy server, as the name suggests, typically sits between the client and the main server, it is used to filter data and enable connections to be shared. For example if you are in the UK and you connect to a website that is hosted in the US then the data you send/receive will pass through one or more proxy servers


Shareware is a type of software that is not commercial and normally requires a registration payment to the author, there is normally a trial period


SIMM(s) (Single Inline Memory Module) refers to a RAM memory module with mounted memory chips, SIMMS have a 32bit data path which means that they have to be doubled up when installed in a system with a 64bit processor


An SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server allows you to send e-mails which have been written within your e-mail client program such as Outlook or Netscape Messenger, this allows you to write your e-mails offline and then connect for a few seconds to send them. Most e-mail providers supply an SMTP server through which you can send your e-mails


This is an internal device, which controls and produces any sounds including music that your PC makes. Some sound cards are integrated into the motherboard and others are plug-in expansion cards. Like most things there are baseline versions and very high end ones with terrific sound quality


TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) is a collection of protocols (rules) that depict how data is transferred across networks between computer systems. All data on the Internet is transferred using TCP/IP