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The following tips have been compiled to try and help those of you that feel comfortable enough to work on their own computer. A word of CAUTION-playing around with the Windows registry, an .ini file or any Windows system files should be done with care as a mistake here could render your machine unusable. Always save a copy of the file you're about to change in another location prior to modifying it.

How to Manually Restore the Windows 98/Me Registry:

Under normal circumstances, Windows is capable of detecting and recovering from registry errors automatically. If Windows is incapable of this, a previous copy of the registry can be restored manually. Windows makes and stores a backup of the registry when you start your computer successfully each day. By default, five previous copies of the registry are stored. To restore one of these previous copies:

    1. Start your computer, press and hold CTRL, and then choose Safe Mode Command Prompt Only from the Windows 98 Startup menu. If you are running Windows Me, start your computer with the startup disk.

    2. At the MS-DOS prompt, type cd\windows\command, and then press ENTER. Where windows is the name of the folder in which Windows is installed. 

    3. At the C: prompt, type scanreg /restore, and then press ENTER.

    4. Select the previous registry you want to restore, and then press ENTER.


    A properly working registry has the word Started next to the date.

    5. When you receive notification that you restored a properly working registry, press ENTER to restart your computer.

Changing Your Internet Dialling Number

If you have an internet connection, from time to time you may want to change the dialling number to save money on your Internet calls, particularly if you are using a laptop computer and travelling to various parts of the world. For example, if you have an account with CompuServe in the UK, and you travel to the US, you may want to change the dialling number to a local U.S. number. This way, if you browse the web for 30 minutes, you will only pay for a 30 minute local call rather than for a 30 minute international call.

    1. On your Windows Desktop, double click on  My Computer.

    2. Double click on Dial-Up Networking.

    3. In the DialUp Networking dialog box, you will see all of your internet connection icons. Apart from the Make New Connection  icon, depending on how many ISP's you have signed up with, you may have 20 internet connection icons, or you just may have only the one connection.

    4. Do a right click on the internet connection icon where you wish to change the dialling number, and select Properties from the shortcut menu that appears. You will now be prompted with a dialog box

    5. In the  Telephone Number  box, type in the whole telephone number. Remember, if you are dialling outside the country you are in, do not forget to include the international dialling code. Sometimes, if you are dialling from inside an office, you may also need to dial a 9 before you can access an outside line. If that is the case, type in the number 9 followed by a comma and a space, before the telephone number


       0845 079 8880 the number to dial when you are in the UK

       011 44 845 079 8880 dialling the same number from the US

       9, 011 44 845 079 8880 dialling the same number from the US, where you need to first dial 9 to access an outside line.

    6. Click on OK.

    7. Close the Dial-Up Networking dialogue box