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If you are running Microsoft Windows versions 98, 98SE, ME (Millennium) or XP there are updates to enhance your operating system and help protect it from a virus attack (these updates are to be used in conjunction with your anti-virus solution not in lieu of it). The updates are free for the downloading from Microsoft's web site. The updates will be available for Windows 98 and 98SE until July 2006. Microsoft has not put a termination date for updates for the other operating systems. This does not mean that you computer running Windows 98 or 98SE will stop running just that Microsoft will stop supporting those operating systems. To get these updates just get to the Microsoft update web site and follow the instructions. I recommend that if given the choice of  Express/Automatic or Custom/Manual updating choose the latter. Select only those updates you feel are necessary for your uses. Many updates are for those of us who play music, or trade on international money markets or use a language other than English. Always download the critical updates. Those with XP a bit of warning, don't download and install Windows XP service pack 2 without scanning and ensuring that you computer is virus and spy ware free. To do so could render your machine very slow or unusable. When installing a patch as big as service pack 2 always back up your computer before installing the patch. Using restore will not help as service pack 2 changes the way restore works and you cannot recover.


Getting to the Microsoft Update Site is different for each version. You will find the link for Windows 98/98SE by clicking on the start button going to Settings on the roll-up menu and selecting Windows Update from the fly out. You will find the link for Windows ME by clicking on the start button and selecting Windows Update from the roll-up menu. On Windows XP click on the start button and select Control Panel. When Control Panel opens, select Windows Update from the left pane of the Control Panel. When Windows Update is selected it will log on to the site and then follow the prompts to download the updates. Some updates are very large and my dial-up customers will need to set aside quite a bit of time to download and install them. I have a fast Internet connection (50x faster than dial-up) and can update the computers for you at my normal fees.